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Richard Cole
EFT Relationship counsellor Richard Cole

Relationship Counselling Qualifications

  • Msc Psychosexual Therapy and Relationship Counselling. TCCR
  • MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
  • Post Grad Dip Creative Couplework
  • Emotional Focused Therapy EFT
  • UKCP Accredited
  • COSRT Member

Phone Number(s)



41 Brunswick Place
BN31ND Hove

Relationship Counsellor Summary

EFT Couples Relationship Counsellor. I work mainly with young professionals who want to connect better sexually or who are stuck in arguments and want to communicate better.


Relationship Counselling Fees

Time Couple Individual  Notes
Weekdays,day & Evenings & Sat Morning. Attend weekly or every two weeks £ 75 per couple  / 60 mins £ 65 / 60 mins                     





Skype Sessions offered


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Relationship Counsellor Details

Available Appointments

I have day and evening appointments available

Email: Richard_cole'@' (Omit the quotes)

Relationship Issues I Work With

  • Preparing for marriage
  • Wanting more  quality time together
  • Abusive relationships,Feeling controlled, undermined
  • Anger issues, arguing too much
  • Men resentful and overwhelmed by partners needs
  • Women feeling not listened to and misunderstood
  • Masculine / Feminine imbalance
  • Understanding cultural differences, gender differences, family expectations
  • Break of trust, working thorugh an affair
  • How to communicate better, say what you need
  • Major events impacting your relationship
  • Falling out of love/ not sure if we want to be together
  • Gay , straight, Polyamourous Relationships
  • I love you, but I’m not in love with you issues
  • Issues over wanting children
  • Jealousy and possessiveness
  • Kids left home, how do we get on with each other
  • Lack of intimacy/ passion
  • Lack of personal space, boundaries
  • Living arrangements
  • Long distance relationships
  • New parents – exhaustion, lack of nourishment, feeling disconnected
  • One partner distancing, the other pursuing
  • Overworking, imbalance of responsibilities, Stress and anxiety
  • Relationship expectations,Wanting more romance/ passion/ sexual desire
  • Sexual issues, feeling rejected, dealing with different desires
  • Addictions, pornography, internet use
  • Step Families – problems getting on with children and step children. Conflict of loyalties
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Boarding school survivor issues




Relationship Counselling / Couples Counselling - Brighton and Hove

I work with couples who want to have an honest look at what is going on in their relationship - no matter what it is - to move towards creating the relationship they want.

There may be a particular issue you wish to sort out in your relationship or you may just want to communicate better and fight less.  Relationship counselling builds on what first attracted you to each other and what can be done to reduce hurt and conflict. You may be in a pattern where one you, “wants more and the other withdraws”.

Try a session. It can be a huge relief to have some support to start  to address the issues together.


Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling provides the structure, support  and  advice to help you understand how you can strengthen your emotional bond and work things through. Coming for marriage counselling doesn’t mean your relationship issues are any worse than for other couples; It means that rather than suffering and making do, you are motivated to improve your relationship.

Premarital Counselling

You can make part of making a commitment to each other, discovering how to express your feelings and needs openly with your partner, in a way that you both get heard. A relationship is based on a willingness to speak up when there is an issue, to be honest and real. In order to do this it helps to develop  the skills to express and negotiate your needs. Premarital counselling shows you how to bring more of who are into the relationship and how to be emotionally available to each other.

Affairs, Cheating and Betrayal

I imagine if you are have recently found out about your partner’s affair, you are in shock and feel very hurt. You may keep going over the details, trying to understand what happened. You may feel right now that you will never be able to trust your partner again. If you have broken your partner’s trust,  you may be feeling awful about it,  ashamed. You may be  fearful of losing your partner and unsure how to answer their questions. These reactions are typical. Affairs and cheating can be worked through if you are willing to take the time to understand what is going on underneath in your relationship. Breaks of trust indicate that something needs to be paid attention to.

Marriage and Relationship Advice

Relationship Counselling helps you understand what is going on in your relationship and to discover better ways of communicating your feelings and needs. Relationship advice and marriage advice comes in the form of practical suggestions that guide you to communicate or understand yourself and your partner in a different way.





"I'm glad we went for relationship counselling with Richard. My partner didn't want to go and it took some persuading for him to go. He ended up feeling comfortable enough to say what is going on for him. It was great to hear him open up. It was good session and we will being going again. My partner even admits it is good for us to go. We haven't argued for two weeks. I'm hopeful relationship counselling will help us sort out our lack of communication. Richard is good at giving us time to hear each other." On

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